Engraved plaques for Poker Tournament

similar engraved plaques to the ones we got done
I am organising a big local poker tournament and have ordered some great engraved plaques made of slate for the winners. The event is the culmination of a few years of hard work in building up the numbers of the club so that we can hold an event of this size. The club started out as a few friends and a regular poker night and with friends of friends and work colleagues it soon outgrew our living rooms and had to be held at a local pub whose landlord I know. Once we were in the pub the club grew quickly with punters downstairs joining us and asking if they could bring along friends and so it went on.

Planning for big tournaments and engraved plaques look great

A few years later and now we are a hundred strong and pull in players from all over the region. Our humble beginning are now a purpose rented unit with 5 tables that are busy most nights of the week.
The circle of players has gone but the passion for Poker is still as strong as when the first 6 of us started out on this journey and I am delighted to say the original 6 are all still playing every week at least once a week.
We have a great bunch of lads playing now and the old rivalry is not diluted due to numbers and now its just on a bigger scale. The numbers may be up and the venue much bigger and to be honest the organisation is a far cry from a bowl of Nachos and some dip and a few beers like the good old days but its still just a bunch of lads out for a few.
We now charge a joining fee and this covers the venue and the tournaments which have been fairly small and low key until now. We are now planning our biggest ever event and even have a local business sponsor who put up a prize fund for the event.

Main sponsor is on engraved plaques

As well as our gratitude the main sponsor also gets plenty of branding opportunities across the year and at the event. We are expecting a big turn out as the prize fund is good and local clubs from up to 100 miles away have booked tables for some of their members so it will prove to be a great couple of nights. We are holding the event over the whole weekend and mixing a bit of business with pleasure and I for one cannot wait for the tournament to start.
We are less than a month away now and with so much to do I need to crack on with the organising committee to get everything ready. Most is semi organised its just a case of dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. Everyone has worked so hard to make it happen and I hope the engraved plaques will be awarded to some of those who have worked so hard to make this event happen.

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