Poker playing and using free bets

Winning at poker using free bets

Learning the basics and using free bets to get you started.

Poker is taking the betting world by storm and the free bets offers now being given by the big bookmakers make it a great time to get playing without needed to risk your own cash. The basic idea is a player is dealt five cards and you bet on your hand with the winner being either to one who is left standing or has the best hand.

There are many different hands and to start with the highest card in the pack is the ace and the worst hand a player can be dealt is whats known as a high card hand where you have nothing other than the highest card of the five i.e. A king or the best being an ace high. If two players have the same high card then the next highest card claims the win and so on. If you are using free bets to play it may be worth trying out your poker face to bluff a few of these terrible hands and see how you get on.

If you get two of the same i.e. a pair then this will beat a high hand again if two or more players have a pair then the highest will win, if in the more unusual case of two people having the same pair then the it’s the highest card from each that goes to decide the winner.

Next up in the list is three of a kind where as the name suggests you have three cards of the same value. As with a pair the highest, if two people have three of a kind, will win. After three of a kind its the straight hand where the cards run up in a line without a break so 2,3,4,5,6 for the lowest possible hand to 10,Jack,Queen,King,Ace the best of these hands and one to use free bets on without a doubt.

Using free bets to practice

Before we go onto the last and best hands online poker is a great way to play poker with no risk free bets are everywhere online and these offer a great testing ground for you to learn the ropes whilst playing for real without playing with your cash.

There are two main online offers free bet no deposit deals where just for signing up you will get a welcome bonus to get you started. The second type is the deposit based free bets deals when you have to put in some of your own money to open the account after which you get your free bets.

The best hands to use your free bets on

A flush is the next best hand, a flush consists of all the cards being in the same suit and even better is what’s known as a straight flush which is Poker’s best hand possible, but before that it is a full house. A full house is a hand where you have a pair and three of a kind.

Before we reach the ultimate hand its four of a kind which is a very rare hand to get and one to probably use up all your free bets if you ever get this cracking hand. Last up is as mentioned the straight flush with the Ace high straight flush being your free bets all in hand!


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